Thursday, July 9, 2020

Ryan’s Top 10 Looney Tunes Cartoons – Season 1

Listing my top ten episodes of Looney Tunes Cartoons was not an easy task. They are all excellent in their own right. Most of the episodes on the list I chose because they made me laugh the most. I also chose a few for the best animation and story. My list is not perfect and a lot of you will disagree with it. My opinions will probably change over time the more I watch them. As for now, here are my top ten Looney Tunes Cartoons with my favorite moments.

10. Buzzard School

I found this short to be really funny the first two times I watched it but I have quickly gotten rather bored with the desert landscape. I am not sure why except there isn’t much color. It is still a great cartoon and makes me laugh. Some of the gags are really clever but I mainly just enjoy what a dope Beaky Buzzard is. It is the best Beaky Buzzard short since the original in the 1940s.

9. “The Curse of the Monkeybird”

I don’t think this cartoon lives up to all the hype but it is still very enjoyable. I loved the gag where they look at photos like they were on a roller coast ride. The comment Daffy makes before they start being chased again made me laugh several times. The snake priest that just hisses during the wedding is also really funny.

8. “Wet Cement”

I picked this short because I find the animation to be beautiful and just plain perfect in homage to the original shorts. It is not very long but they fit a lot of gags into one shot which is impressive. I have watched “Wet Cement” so many times since it was released online that it is ridiculous.

7. “Harm Wrestling”

There are a lot of quick funny Bugs Bunny jokes in this short. I like it when Bugs keeps slamming Yosemite Sam’s arm on the table. It is a really simple concept but they threw in a lot of silly and playful arm wrestling gags.

6. “Firehouse Frenzy”

This short is another that is full of perfect timing and beautiful animation. It reminds me so much of the late 1930’s Daffy and Porky cartoons (other than Porky using a cell phone which kind of throws me off). My favorite moment is when Daffy and Porky get mismatched together in a fire jacket and Daffy claims he is a “monster”.

5. “Grilled Rabbit”

There is so much energy from Bugs and Elmer in this cartoon it is crazy. They both do a lot of yelling, especially Bugs. Somehow Eric Bauza seems to pull the voice off every time. He has to be the best voice of Bugs Bunny since Mel Blanc. All of his voices in the series are spectacular. Elmer’s voice is really amazing as well. I think my favorite moment from this short is the simple gag where Elmer gets excited to eat a pie and Bugs slams it in his face.

4. “Plumber’s Quack”

It was hard to not put this cartoon as my number one favorite, much less put it at number four. Daffy and Elmer have a great chemistry in this episode. They are both funny as hell. I love the perfect timing and pauses. Eric Bauza also does a brilliant voice for Daffy here. Overall, just a fun little cartoon short.

3. “Hare Restoration”

Elmer is really funny in all of these shorts but I feel like this is one of his best. The original Looney Tunes directors did not care for poor Elmer very much but I find his stupidity to be hilarious. In fact, Elmer and Daffy are two of the funniest characters in the new Looney Tunes Cartoons.

2. “Overdue Duck”

“Overdue Duck” is just plain hilarious from Daffy doing his laundry in the library to laughing at the letter ‘R’ in the dictionary. The jokes are pretty dead on to the early Daffy and Porky shorts. The giant bully reading poetry reminds me a lot of a Ren & Stimpy character, which makes sense because John K was largely influenced by animation director Bob Clampett. Daffy is of course the best part of this short with his loud and wacky library mayhem.

1. “Big League Beast”

I believe this short to be the best by far. The facial expressions on the characters are brilliant, the jokes are all funny and Bugs has a wonderful energy. I also feel the animation in “Big League Beast” is some of the best. If you are a big fan of Chuck Jones’ Gossamer shorts this new episode fits in well with the originals. Bugs even looks similar to the way he does in “Hair-Raising Hare”.