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Top 20 Chuck Jones Looney Tunes Cartoons

Anyone who knows me knows that Chuck Jones is my favorite director of all-time. It has been that way since I was a child and will stay that way until I die. He inspired my drawing and humor and for that I will be forever grateful. Unfortunately I never got the chance to meet him, though I wrote him a fan letter back in 1995 and received a message back from his secretary. He was too busy writing and illustrating "Daffy Duck for President" to respond which was unfortunate timing. I am not sure why I didn't try again a year or so later but here we are. Luckily I do own some Chuck Jones art thanks to Mike Dicken of the Chuck Jones Galleries.

I have finally decided to try and list my top twenty Chuck Jones Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies cartoons. It is not an easy task so please bear with me. My favorites are likely to change with my mood so this list is for the current date: December 17, 2019. It is not perfected by any means and is just for fun. Like Bugs Bunny once said, "Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive."

"Rabbit's Feat"

20.) "Rabbit's Feat" (1960)

"Daddy! You're back from Peru! And we thought you had been run over by an elevator!" - Bugs Bunny

Bugs outsmarts a super genius coyote who is out to pursue, capture and eat a rabbit.

"My Bunny Lies Over the Sea"

19.) "My Bunny Lies Over the Sea" (1948)

"Look at that horrible monster attacking the poor old lady! Have courage, Granny! I'll save ya! I'll save ya!" - Bugs Bunny

Bugs ends up in Scotland on his way to the La Brea Tar Pits and is challenged to a game of golf by a humiliated Scotsman.

"Drip-Along Daffy"

18.) "Drip-Along Daffy" (1951)

"L-l-l-lucky for him it is a one horse town." - Porky Pig

Drip-Along Daffy and his comedy relief Porky travel to a lawless western town where Daffy challenges the outlaw Nasty Canasta to a gun fight.

"Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century"

17.) "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century" (1953)

"Happy b-b-b-birthday, you thing from another world you!" - Porky Pig

Duck Dodgers and his eager young space cadet Porky travel to Planet X to find the only remaining source of the shaving cream atom where they encounter a martian who tries to claim the planet in the name of Mars.

"Duck! Rabbit, Duck!"

16.) "Duck! Rabbit, Duck!" (1953)

"Shoot me again! I enjoy it! I love the smell of burnt feathers, and gunpowder, and cordite! I'm an elk! Shoot me, go on! It's elk season! I'm a fiddler crab! Why don't you shoot me? It's fiddler crab season!" - Daffy Duck

Daffy tries to trick Elmer into thinking it is rabbit season but Bugs confuses the dimwitted hunter with an array of different costumes.

"Bully for Bugs"

15.) "Bully for Bugs" (1953)

"Hmm, I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque." - Bugs Bunny

When Bugs takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque on the way to The Coachella Valley Big Carrot Festival he ends up in the middle of a Mexican bull fight where he matches wits with Toro the Bull.

"Ali Baba Bunny"

14.) "Ali Baba Bunny" (1957)

"I can't help it! I'm a greedy slob! It's my hobby!" - Daffy Duck

On their way to Pismo Beach Bugs and Daffy end up in an Arabian cave of treasure when Bugs takes a wrong turn in Albuquerque.

"For Scent-imental Reasons"

13.) "For Scent-imental Reasons" (1949)

"Do not come wiz me to ze Casbah - we shall make beautiful musicks togezzer right here!" - Pepe Le Pew

Pepe Le Pew chases a cat he believes to be a skunk around a French perfume shop.

"Beanstalk Bunny"

12.) "Beanstalk Bunny" (1955)

"It's a lie! It's a lie! My name is, uh, Aloysius! His name is Jack! Jack Rabbit!" - Daffy Duck

Daffy trades a Grade A homogenized Holstein cow for three stupid beans that end up growing into a stalk that reaches the heavens where he and Bugs Bunny run into a giant Elmer Fudd.

"Robin Hood Daffy"

11.) "Robin Hood Daffy" (1958)

"Actually, it's a buck and a quarter quarter-staff! But I'm not telling him that!" - Daffy Duck

Daffy tries to prove to Friar Porky that he is Robin Hood by stealing gold from the rich to give it to some poor unworthy slob.

"Awful Orphan"

10.) "Awful Orphan" (1949)

"Hey look Chum, you ain't got no dog, I ain't got no master. It's inevitable we should get together." - Charlie Dog

A stray dog named Charlie goes to great lengths to find a home with a very reluctant Porky Pig.

"Fast and Furry-ous"

9.) "Fast and Furry-ous" (1949)

"Beep, beep!" - Road Runner

A starving coyote chases an unusually athletic road runner for food in the middle of the desert with the guidance of some unreliable Acme products.

*This is the first appearance by Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.

"Mouse Wreckers"

8.) "Mouse Wreckers" (1949)

"Yeah, yeah! Sure, sure!" - Bertie

Hubie and Bertie find a new home that is guarded by gullible cat named Claude. The two mice use a little strategy to get the feline out of the house so they can move in.

"Rabbit Seasoning"

7.) "Rabbit Seasoning" (1952)

"Awfully unsporting of me, I know, but what the hey I gotta have some fun!" - Daffy Duck

Daffy tricks Elmer into thinking it is rabbit season when it is really duck season but "pronoun trouble" makes things complicated for the little black duck.

"Operation: Rabbit"

6.) "Operation: Rabbit" (1952)

"And remember, 'mud' spelled backwards is 'dum'." - Bugs Bunny

Wile E. Coyote (Super Genius) invites Bugs Bunny to supper but gets more than he bargained for when the rabbit retaliates.

*This is Bugs' first interaction with Wile E. Coyote.

"Scaredy Cat"

5.) "Scaredy Cat" (1948)

"Pussy cats is the craziest peoples!" - Napoleon Mouse

Porky and Sylvester stay at a "haunted" hotel for the night and Sylvester is scared at his wit's end. He must face his fears in order to save Porky from evil, pestering mice.

*This is the first of three Sylvester and Porky cartoons directed by Chuck Jones.

"Duck Amuck"

4.) "Duck Amuck" (1953)

"Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin!" - Daffy Duck

A mysterious animator torments Daffy Duck during his once in a life-time solo career act.

"Hair-Raising Hare"

3.) "Hair-Raising Hare" (1946)

"Did you ever have the feeling you was being watched?" - Bugs Bunny

Bugs is lured into an evil castle by a temptress where his liveliness is threatened by a hideous red monster.

*This is the first episode in which we are introduced to Gossamer.

"Rabbit of Seville"

2.) "Rabbit of Seville" (1950)

"Yell and scream and rant and rave it's no use you need a shaaave!" - Bugs Bunny

Elmer chases Bugs into the back entrance of a Barber of Seville show and Bugs takes over as lead, leading to disaster for Elmer.

"Rabbit Fire"

1.) "Rabbit Fire" (1951)

"Survival of the fittest... and besides it's fun!" - Daffy Duck

Elmer goes hunting in the forest per usual and is secretly led to Bugs' hole by Daffy. War breaks out between Bugs and Daffy on whether it is rabbit season or duck season. It ends up being Elmer hunting season so Bugs and Daffy whip out their rifles and go in search of their prey.

*This is the first episode in the "Duck Season, Rabbit Season" trilogy.

*Honorable Mentions:

"The Hypo-Chondri-Cat" (1950)
"Cheese Chasers" (1951)
"Feline Frame-Up" (1954)
"What's Opera, Doc?" (1957)
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