Sunday, April 8, 2018

Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2018

I had a great time in Chicago with my friends and Walking Dead family. I got to meet Michael Cudlitz and see my old pal Scott Wilson again. Most importantly I had a great interaction with Jeffrey Dean Morgan during the photo op before they pulled me away. He told me I look great and like he did twenty years ago (because my beard isn't grey yet). I told him I loved his grey beard and he gave me that big Negan smile and said thank you very genuinely. Other things were said but that's all I really remember because I was all hyped up on energy shots. I didn't get his autograph but hopefully another time. The convention was pure unadulterated madness but I loved it. Thanks to Dustin and Maddie for their good ol' southern hospitality. It wouldn't have been nearly as fun alone.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan)

Michael Cudlitz (Abraham)

Scott Wilson (Hershel)

Chicago Parking Lot

A toast to my family at Walker Stalker Con.

Michael Cudlitz Autograph

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