Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Walking Dead - New Season Starts October 2013

It is no surprise that The Walking Dead is the number one show on television. It's about time a great show gets the viewers it deserves. Usually decent shows end up getting canceled. But The Walking Dead really is the best show on air. I will go as far to say it is the ONLY good show on the air besides South Park. I don't think the show is great because I am into zombies. I don't really give two shits about zombies. The writing on the show just fascinates me. I admit, I don't even care for most of the characters. I love Rick, Hershel and Darryl. That is it. But god damn the writing is still so good. Some people have claimed that there is a lot of "over-acting" in The Walking Dead. Maybe there is a bit; but it works. If I was living in a world over run by zombies, which I pretty much am, I would be overly emotional too. Maybe that is why I am such an emotional person. Everyone I meet is a fucking zombie. Anyway, the acting in the show is another reason I love it so much. Andrew Lincoln is amazing. He has worked his way up to one of my favorite actors just from his work on The Walking Dead.

I am amazed by some of the awesome and strange merchandise coming out. There is quite a bit of it on Entertainment Earth. I am guilty of owning a few collector's items and the DVDs. Not to mention autographs from Andrew Lincoln, Scott Wilson and Jeffrey Demunn. I think I am going to be lazy and buy a Rick costume for Halloween this year too. I don't even like Halloween. I just want to pretend I'm Rick because I'm creepy like that.

"This isn't a democracy anymore."

I have not been watching teasers for the upcoming fourth season of The Walking Dead. I don't much care for spoilers. But already I am worried about the fifth season. I haven't heard an announcement of one yet. As long as Rick doesn't die I will keep watching until season forty-seven.

I fucking hate the fall. Which causes a dilemma because I want to see the new season of The Walking Dead. I guess I will just have to deal with October the best I can like every year. Bring it fall. You big black bastard.

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