Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ryan Meets Jim Gaffigan

After waiting well over a month I finally met comedian and writer Jim Gaffigan in person at a book signing in St. Louis. He already autographed my book "Dad Is Fat" that I had shipped from Kansas City, so I brought a photo for him to sign instead. He wrote the name "Kyle" on the photo and I told him my name was "Ryan". He was like, "Ryan?? Kyle?? Where did I get Kyle from?" So he wrote "Ryan your name should be Kyle" on it. I did my stupid Ryan laugh and told him I bought his book from Kansas City but he didn't care. We told each other "thanks" and went our separate ways. Unfortunately, I did not get a real picture taken with him.

My friend Kevin also got some DVDs signed. I guess the adventure was a success but kind of a strange one.

Jim Gaffigan

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