Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Duck Amuck" HD Captures

'Tis the season to run amok. So here are some high-definition screen captures from Chuck Jones' Looney Tunes classic "Duck Amuck" starring Daffy Duck. You're welcome, you ungrateful pricks.

"Duck Amuck" Pictures


  1. I'm grateful! It is now just past mid-2014 and I just ran across your blog looking to view pix from this ground breaking classic by greats Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese. I love the sharpness and seeing cel 'grain' in theblock color areas rather than pixel grid pleases me to no end. Thanks so much for posting these -- ~SG

    1. New screen captures are coming soon! Be sure to bookmark the site! Thanks!
      - Ryan

    2. Also check out my site dedicated to Looney Tunes captures!