Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"The Coon"

The whole superhero concept on South Park has become a really big deal and it all started with episode 1302, entitled "The Coon". In season fourteen they even dedicated three episodes to The Coon & Friends, including Mysterion, Human Kite, Mosquito, Tool Shed, Tupperware, Iron Maiden, and of course, Mintberry Crunch. I am not big on super hero bullshit but I think "The Coon" concept was really great for South Park, especially for Kenny, who gets much more character depth when he is disguised as Mysterion. I think "The Coon" is something that will keep returning now and then since South Park has been renewed for so many seasons. Hopefully one day we will find out even more about Kenny's immortality and perhaps even Mintberry Crunch's power of mint and berries with a satisfying crunch. Fuckin' Mintberry Crunch. Shablagoo!

"The Coon" Pictures

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