Thursday, September 15, 2011

Season Ten of 'South Park'

Season ten is another season I'm not too wild about. There is a lot of funny stuff but something is still missing from most of the episodes. My very least favorite episode of South Park, "The Return of Chef", is from this season. Isaac Hayes quit the show when the episode "Trapped in the Closet" offended his religion, so Trey and Matt found it necessary to kill off Chef. I disagree with this decision. It didn't feel right for such a beloved character to get mauled to pieces. I get why it's funny, but storywise it's just kind of lame. In my opinion, they should have just left Chef as a background character who didn't talk or had him move away. Regardless, South Park won its second Emmy with the 2006 episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft". It also dealt with the touchy subject of showing the "prophet" Muhammad on television (though Muhammad WAS shown on the show before 9/11). South Park would once again deal with the issue in its forteenth season when Trey and Matt actually were threatened by a whackjob muslim (who is now behind bars). A few great things about season ten is the mocking of Family Guy and Al Gore, the return of Satan (though I don't care for his updated design), and the kid dying of cancer in "Stanley's Cup".

- Ryan

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chef Jerome McElroy - Season 1

Chef Jerome McElroy (voiced by Isaac Hayes) first appears in episode one, season one of South Park. He is the soulful elementary school chef and football coach who sings songs to the boys about making sweet love down by the fire. The boys frequently turn to him for advice when they are in trouble. Whether it be aliens, zombies, mutant turkeys, or Barbara Streisand, Chef is always quick to offer his services. Chef is a world class love maker and can lure any woman into his bed, so long as they're not a lesbian. Season one is the season of Chef as he appears in every single episode. The character slowly drifts out of the spotlight in later seasons until he is finally killed off in season ten when singer Isaac Hayes quits the show.

Season One Chef Pictures

- Ryan

Monday, September 12, 2011

Season Nine of 'South Park'

The Emmy award-winning season nine is not really one of my favorite South Park seasons. Don't get me wrong, it has some funny moments; like Gerald becoming a Jewfin, Cartman eating the skin off all the Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the boys sending a dead whale to the moon. But I feel like the episodes are kind of dull. It's still better than anything else on TV, just a little less interesting than some other seasons. But perhaps I am letting the personal issues I had at the time reflect my opinion. In October 2005 I fell in love for the first time. It was with someone who loved South Park almost as much as me. It changed my life forever, and of course, my life includes South Park. Long story short: never fall in love. Some other great moments this season are the boys trying to lose at baseball, Cartman finally ridding South Park of hippies, and everyone running from global warming. An awesome quote also comes from the episode "The Losing Edge" when Randy is taken away in a cop car screaming, "I'm sorry! I thought this was America!" One of my least favorite episodes aired in this run, "Erection Day", where Jimmy keeps popping a boner in public. I'm just not a big fan of Jimmy episodes. He is fine as a supporting character but when he gets his own story it bothers me for some reason. Then there is Mr. Garrison becoming a woman, which is kind of annoying but still an interesting character development. Alas, no matter what this is surely a season and time in my life I could never forget (no matter how hard I try).

- Ryan