Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Season Six of 'South Park'

I really love season six of South Park. Even though I missed Kenny, I think taking him out for a while really rejuvenated the show and led to some excellent stories. In this season Butters and Tweek take turns replacing Kenny but the boys find neither of them are fit. Cartman ends up drinking Kenny's ashes and becomes possessed by him. At the end of the season Kenny pops up out of nowhere and the boys forget he ever died. I don't think I can pick my favorites from this season because they're all so damn good. But I really love Lemmiwinks in "The Death Camp of Tolerance" and the debut of Butters' alter-ago Professor Chaos. Mr. Hankey makes a triumphant return this season and we are introduced to Mr. Slave and the owner of City Wok. Mr. Garrison also reprises his role as the boys' teacher after Ms. Choksondik is murdered. I remember being very shocked when Jesus was killed in "Red Sleigh Down". At this point I was rarely surprised by anything in the show, but that threw me off for some reason. Looking back I think it was an awesome decision and really added to Jesus' character. It was an incredible season; one of my favorites.

- Ryan

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