Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rare Trey Parker and Matt Stone Films

Today I wanted to take a look at some of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's early films. I personally uploaded a few of them just for this post, including the rarely seen "Giant Beavers of Southern Sri Lanka", "American History", and "For Goodness Sake II". So enjoy watching this rare footage without having to search for each one individually on YouTube.

"Giant Beavers of Southern Sri Lanka" (1989)

"That's Alright, Mama" (1991)

"American History" (1992)

"Your Studio and You - Part 1" (1995)

"Your Studio and You - Part 2" (1995)

"Time Warped - Aaron - Part 1" (1995)

"Time Warped - Aaron - Part 2" (1995)

"Time Warped - Rom and Jul - Part 1" (1995)

"Time Warped - Rom and Jul - Part 2" (1995)

"For Goodness Sake II" (1996)

- Ryan

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