Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Many Deaths of Kenny - Season 4

Episode #401: "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000"
Thrown from a sled, and driven into a tree by a brick dummy.

Episode #402: "The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000"
Kenny tries to hop his way out of the Platte River wearing concrete shoes. He hops right into a deep section where he drowns.

Episode #403: "Quintuplets 2000"
Accidentally gunned down by the U.S. Task Force sent to rescue him from Romania.

Episode #404: "Timmy 2000"
Hit in the face with a frying pan by Cartman, who was trying to kill the little Christina Aguilera monster.

#406: "Cartman Joins NAMBLA"
Flattened by ambulance backing up. Also killed in his dream by his parent's muntant baby.

#407: "Cherokee Hair Tampons"
Crushed by falling piano.

#408: "Chef Goes Nanners"
Drank water after eating antacid tablets and exploded.

Episode #409: "Something You Can Do With Your Finger"
Crushed to death by a descending glass elevator.

Episode #410: "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?"
Hit by a speeding bus while crossing the street. (The second half of this cliffhanger determined that Kenny did not actually die from the speeding bus, he was just stuck to the bottom of it.)

Episode #412: "4th Grade"
Dragged over a road on an inverted rolling platform.

Episode #413: "Trapper Keeper"
While trying to break a door down, the door is burst from the threshold by the Trapper Keeper monster and crushes him against the wall.

Episode #414: "Helen Keller, the Musical"
Cartman accidentally crushes Kenny with a falling stage light.

Episode #415: "Fat Camp"
Kenny does not die, but a fake Kenny dies when the pressure inside Ms. Crabtree's uterus is too much.

Episode #416: "The Wacky Molestation Adventure"
Kenny is an early victim of carousel.

Episode #417: "A Very Crappy Christmas"
Run over by a car while crossing the street.

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