Monday, August 8, 2011

Daffy Duck

It is finally Daffy's time to shine... On my blog anyway. This post is dedicated to Daffy Duck, my second favorite cartoon character of all-time. Hell, he is basically the first. He's tied with Bugs Bunny which shouldn't be too surprising. So I figured it was time to post some media on him. Daffy made his debut in 1937 in the cartoon "Porky's Duck Hunt" directed by Tex Avery. He was voiced by Mel Blanc for fifty-two years and is currently voiced by Joe Alaskey (Duck Dodgers) and Jeff Bergman (The Looney Tunes Show). Daffy has taken on many different personalities over the years depending on his director. But the one that has stuck with him the most is his egotistical, jealous and greedy persona. Below I've posted some Daffy Duck pictures, cartoons and a compilation that I made earlier this year.

Duck Duck Pictures

"Daffy Duck Compilation"

- Ryan

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