Monday, July 18, 2011

Season One of 'South Park'

This post is dedicated to my favorite season of South Park, the first season, which contained thirteen perfect pieces of art. The animation in season one is a lot lower quality than it is now, and let me tell you, I preferred the crappier quality. Maybe I am just old school but I find the construction paper cutout looks more artistic. I also love Cartman's voice in the first two and a half seasons. It is just much, much funnier along with is his idiotic personality. Over the years the characters really develop, especially Cartman, who eventually becomes an evil mastermind. Evil Cartman is great but I will always have a special place in my heart for stupid Cartman. The kids are much more childlike and realistic to me in the first few seasons. Along the way, I guess from learning experiences and the need to create deeper stories, they get way too smart for children. It still works but it almost seems like a different show. Anyway, here is some delicious media I personally captured from season one of South Park:

- Ryan

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