Friday, January 18, 2013

Tiny Toon Adventures: Thirteen Something

I've been doing screen captures of Tiny Toon Adventures lately. So I am posting some images from one of the most popular episodes, "Thirteen Something". Sorry there aren't many of Babs. I tend to focus on Buster and Plucky.

"Thirteen Something"


  1. What about Kon Ducki? Not only is it my earliest childhood references to the great Thor Heyerdahl, but it also contains "a violent sight gag", a Kirk Douglas cameo, and the side-splitting "Mango Drink" scene. This was by far the one re-run my brother and I looked out for during summer vacations. We'd end up on the floor in pain from laughing at the "Mango Drink" scene no matter how many times we had seen it.

    1. I was planning on posting some from "Kon Ducki" as well.