Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Looney Tunes DVDs

This year Warner Bros. has decided to release several decent Looney Tunes DVDs and Blu-rays. Of course, none of the collections are perfect. I have problems with all of them. But they are much better than nothing. Here is a list of the upcoming DVDs.

August 28, 2012

I have already ordered this bad beast and it should be coming in his weekend. The exciting part about this Blu-ray is that it contains all the Bertie & Hubie classic shorts. The not so exciting part is for some reason they decided to put Sniffles shorts along side them. I don't find this to be the smartest move since he is not a popular or well-known character in the slightest. I wish they had restored the rest of the Claude Cat and Frisky Puppy (perhaps even Charlie Dog) cartoons instead. That would have made a PERFECT Blu-ray collection. But Warner Bros. has never been the best at picking which cartoons to include on their DVDs.

October 16, 2012

Here is another release I am excited about. My only real problem with it is they decided to put Tex Avery MGM cartoons on the third disc. Don't get me wrong, MGM cartoons are great. But they ARE NOT Looney Tunes. They might as well put Tom & Jerry on the disc instead. If you want to release more MGM cartoons that is wonderful, but give them their own collection. If I'm going to buy Looney Tunes that is what I fucking want. If the MGM cartoons are not restored then I will be REALLY pissed off. Otherwise, a good collection of cartoons.

November 6, 2012

Another great idea for a character collection. But as always, Warner Bros. had to fuck it up by putting a few crappy cartoons on it. Bunny and Claude? REALLY? Why can't it just be Porky? They kind of did the same thing with Foghorn Leghorn. They act like since these characters aren't as great as Bugs and Daffy they don't deserve eighteen cartoons on a disc. Well, guess what? They fucking do. Bunny and Claude should be the last Warner Bros. cartoons released ever. Fucking 60's animation.

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