Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Devil May Hare" and "Bill of Hare" HD Screen Captures

I have never been a huge fan of The Tasmanian Devil (aka - "Taz"). Probably because Robert McKimson is my least favorite Warner Bros. director. I don't like the way he drew the characters, especially Daffy. But it's not the cartoons that make me dislike Taz. His cartoons are pretty damn funny. It is how much Taz merchandise there is compared to the other characters that annoys me. The same goes for Tweety. But anyway, here are some high-definition screen captures of Bugs and Taz from "Devil May Hare" and "Bill of Hare".

"Devil May Hare" Pictures

"Bill of Hare" Pictures

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  1. I live in Tasmania. Taz Devil reminds me of my husband after he comes home from the pub. As far as cooking goes he just fries himself-to the eye balls. Love your blog.