Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Season Seven of 'South Park'

Season seven marks the one-hundredth episode of South Park, as well as Kenny's return to the series. There are some pretty amazing episodes here. Norman Lear of All in the Family helped co-write the first batch of episodes in this season. We are introduced to Jennifer Lopez, Crab People, the Goth kids, and a taco that craps ice cream for the first time. This is also the first season without any new episodes airing during the summer. It has aired by a spring and fall schedule from this point on. Season seven is another season where it is hard to pick favorites. But I will go with "Christian Rock Hard" as at least one. "Raisins" is an incredible episode but I have too much emotional attachment to it to watch it anymore. As always, I am not crazy about the Timmy and Jimmy episode, though I did like when Christoper Reeve sucked stem cells out of fetuses. Then at the end of the season we finally get another Kenny death. Always a good way to end an episode run.

- Ryan

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