Thursday, September 1, 2011

Behind South Park Interactive

South Park Interactive is a Flash game I am making where you can interact with the town of South Park and its characters. It is pretty simplistic as Flash interactions go because I hate action script too much to deal with it. But the look and feel is very South Park-ish since I have been studying the show for its entire fourteen year run (and counting). Using the magic of motion-tweens the characters are brought to life fluently with drawings I traced from each character. The mouse is used to roll over the cast and make them talk and move. It also includes hidden buttons for secret character animations.

I drew most of the characters back in 2002 when I created my first animated cartoon fan fiction of the South Park called "A Hebrew Hitler". It was a total piece of shit but I've gained enough experience over the years to update the character drawings and make them look better, along with the animation. I animate it in a similar way the show is done. I have drawn construction paper-type pieces for each character, along with mouths, eyebrows, eyes, ect. Since they are all traced from the actual characters there isn't a whole lot of difference from the show beyond the textures that Flash can't handle.

At the moment there are four scenes (The Town, The Bus Stop, South Park Elementary, and Cartman's House) and several characters including Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Chef, Ike, Wendy, Butters, Tweek, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey, Towelie and some hidden goodies like Evil Cartman, an Alien Visitor, and rats. There are also a few Kenny deaths for old time sake. Other interactions include "kick the baby", Stan vomiting and Mr. Mackey ripping a fart on Cartman's head. It is something I can continue adding to any time I want if people would care enough to go back and look. I'd like to do Cartman's bedroom next, but that depends on if it starts getting more plays or not.

It is more fun to make than it is to play. I think the only real fun in playing it is seeing how close it looks to the show. It is good to play to waste about two minutes of your life away. But believe it or not a lot of work actually goes into it, along with having to deal with all the bugs in Adobe Flash CS5. I've actually had to go back and redo things because Flash sucks so much ass. It will erase character cels for no reason other than it feels like it. So I have to make several backups, not knowing when Flash is going to decide it wants to fuck me over.

I really should spend my time working on original projects but for some reason I love animating South Park. Though it is frustrating it is also relaxing in a way. If only I could get a job working on the actual show. Then all would finally be right with the world. You hear that Matt and Trey? HIRE ME!


  1. I wanted to say that this is awesome, I am currently working on a final for a class at the Art Institute and was wondering if i could use your tracings and give full credit to you .

    1. Thanks for your interest. But I worked to hard on it to just hand it out. Sorry. :\

  2. Hi Ryan Wells You have the flash document please for dowload i need this for animation please respond me Thank You :)

  3. 9/10 needs more kenny deaths (am I right? lol)