Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Early Years

Everyone knows Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the luckiest fuckers in the world. They have the best job ever, fame, fortune and tons of awards to show for their effort. But unlike most people who reach stardom they actually deserved it. I've been waiting to get my own animated TV series pilot for almost two years now. It is indeed a test of patience and no one can deny that even though Trey and Matt are unbelievably talented luck had a lot to do with their success. Unfortunately luck isn't something I have ever had on my side. This post is dedicated to Trey and Matt's early years and the unaired South Park pilot, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". I have no idea how Trey and Matt went through all the hard work that they did when they were starting out in Hollywood. I wish I had half of the energy and talent they did.

It looks like Trey and Matt are both thinking about what successful fucks they are going to become in the future:

I wish I had gotten class clown. But no, I lost it to some douchebag druggie who will end up working in a factory his whole life. Trey Parker, you have one-upped me again. Look at that bountiful mullet laughing me in the face...

The first of Trey's many, many interviews to come:

Here is a clip from Trey and Matt's failed TV show pilot from 1995, Time Warped. Don't worry guys, you will soon make it bigger than you ever could have imagined...

Trey and Matt land their big break, a deal to create a South Park pilot for Comedy Central. Three months alone in a basement, now that is dedication. But I guess there are World of Warcraft nerds who dedicate years to that.

You're welcome, internet... You're welcome...

- Ryan


  1. I feel ya. Those lucky Fuckers make millions with their humor. How do you think I feel, I am Dawn the chick who was voted class clown along side Trey. I grew up and have to work like the rest of us poor schmucks instead of getting paid to use my funny.