Friday, July 8, 2011

Top 10 Looney Tunes Characters

#10. Road Runner
"Fast and Furry-ous" (1949)
There is something sweet and innocent about the Road Runner that I love. He's not a smug little asshole like Tweety is to Sylvester. He often shows signs that he actually cares about the coyote. The Road Runner never tries to harm his vicious predator, just outrun him or playfully startle him with a "Beep! Beep!"

#9. Porky Pig
"I Haven't Got a Hat" (1935)
Porky Pig makes the list because he is such a great sidekick, and victim, to Daffy Duck. The stuttering pig was Warner Bros. first breakout star and it's not hard to see why. He is a lovable ham no matter what role he is playing. Some of his greatest pairings were with Charlie Dog, Sylvester the Cat, and of course, Daffy Duck in their many movie parody team-ups. I recently met the current voice of Porky Pig, Bob Bergen, when he was teaching a voice acting class in St. Louis.

#8. Frisky Puppy
"Two's a Crowd" (1950)
Frisky Puppy is one of my favorite characters because his personality is just like an actual playful puppy, totally spastic and out of control with a nanosecond attention span. The signature bark Mel Blanc gave him is so obnoxious it's hilarious. He is by far the most realistic puppy I have ever seen in animation.

#7. Pepe Le Pew
"Odor-able Kitty" (1945)
I could only dream of getting away with all the sexual harassment that Pepe Le Pew does. I admire Pepe because he knows what he wants and goes for it with all the confidence in the world. He doesn't let one stinky flaw keep him from scoring some hot action with the ladies. Go get her, Pepe, and accomplish what I never could.

#6. Claude Cat
"Mouse Wreckers" (1949)
I love the elaborate design and color scheme of the clueless Claude Cat. It had to be a pain in the ass to keep his color patterns accurate throughout his cartoons back then. Claude's appearance changes quite a few times during his reign, but he still always falls victim to someone trying to take over his cozy home. Whether it be mice, dogs or kittens, the poor cat just can't get a moment's peace.

#5. Charlie Dog
"Little Orphan Airedale" (1947)
Charlie is an average stray dog who is relentless in his quest to find a home. Unfortunately he comes on so strong no one wants to take him in as their pet, especially Porky Pig who stars in three cartoons with him. I can totally relate to his qualities when trying to get with girls. Charlie's comical persistence is just enough to rank him in my "Top 5 Looney Tunes Characters".

#4. Sylvester the Cat
"Life with Feathers" (1945)
Though I love Sylvester in his pairings with Tweety, I especially love him for his three appearances as Porky Pig's traveling cat companion. Whenever Porky checks into hotels or goes camping Sylvester senses danger around every corner. All the while, Porky, of course, is completely clueless to what is really going on. Sylvester earns his place as number four for always saving Porky's ass. If it weren't for him we may have missed out on some of Porky Pig's greatest cartoons.

#3. Wile E. Coyote
"Fast and Furry-ous" (1949)
Wile E. Coyote is me in a nutshell. Always chasing after what he can't have to the point that it gets ridiculous. I will always have a special place in my heart for Wile E. because I understand all the pain he goes through just to get a taste of that one thing he craves. To quote T.S. Elliot, "A fanatic is someone who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim." You and me both, Wile E. ol' pal... You and me both...

#2. Daffy Duck
"Porky's Duck Hunt" (1937)
Poor Daffy Duck is on the brink of being my number one favorite cartoon character of all-time. But he loses that spot to the same rabbit who always gets the best of him. Much like Wile. E Coyote, I can really relate to Daffy. He just wants the debt he believes the world owes him. Is that really too much to ask? Apparently so in both our cases. The greedy slob of a fowl has such a believable and relatable personality to all of mankind that he makes number two on my list top ten list.

#1. Bugs Bunny
"A Wild Hare" (1940)
Number one on my list is probably the most iconic and recognizable cartoon character in history, Bugs Bunny. As Chuck Jones put it, "I dream about being Bugs Bunny, but when I wake up, I'm Daffy Duck." Oddly enough, I really don't have much to say that hasn't already been said about my favorite cartoon character. Let's just let his cartoons speak for themselves.

- Ryan

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