Monday, June 13, 2011

Trailer Park Boys: Drunk, High & Unemployed

Bubbles, Ricky and Julian on stage.
I went to go see Trailer Park Boys: Drunk, High & Unemployed on Saturday and it was fucking amazing. I can't believe I actually got to see them in person. The gods of comedy were standing just a few feet from me, yet I wish I had been even closer. I went to buy "meet and greet" tickets but they ran out right as I was about to purchase them. My luck sucks ass so unfortunately I didn't get to have my picture taken with them. My once in a lifetime chance got fucked as always. But the show was still awesome. I think my favorite part was when Bubbles sang "Liquor and Whores". It was pretty intense. I fucking love Trailer Park Boys. I wanted to the punch the people who threw beer bottles at them on stage. Fucking stupid ass drunks. The Trailer Park Boys are fucking legends! You don't throw shit at them even if you are joking! You just bathe in their glory. That is the right thing to do. People are so dumb. I posted some pictures and Bubbles singing "Liquor and Whores" below.

Ricky tries to convince everyone his legs stopped working.
Bubbles singing "Liquor and Whores".
Robb Wells, Mike Smith and John Tremblay thank the audience.

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