Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 3 Greatest Cartoons of All-time

I decided that for my birthday I would blog about the three greatest cartoons of all-time. I am of course talking about the "Duck Season! Rabbit Season!" trilogy directed by Chuck Jones in the 1950's. Everything about these cartoons is perfect. The animation, the timing and the word play are brilliant."Rabbit Fire" is probably my very favorite cartoon ever, with "Rabbit Seasoning" and "Duck! Rabbit! Duck!" in a close second and third. I love all of Chuck Jones' work, but in my opinion these are the best of the best.

"Rabbit Fire" (1951)
In "Rabbit Fire" Bugs and Daffy battle it out over which hunting season it really is: rabbit or duck. Daffy is continuously blasted by Elmer Fudd's "elephant gun" as Bugs outwits him through the entire cartoon. It turns out it is really "Elmer Season" so Bugs and Daffy decide to get trigger happy on the clueless hunter.

"Rabbit Seasoning" (1952)
In "Rabbit Seasoning" Daffy posts signs all over the forest claiming it's rabbit season. He runs into some "pronoun trouble" while trying to get Elmer Fudd to blast Bugs and ends up getting shot himself. This cartoon has some of the greatest facial expressions of the trilogy.

"Duck! Rabbit! Duck!" (1953)
In "Duck! Rabbit! Duck!" it is once again duck hunting season and Daffy tricks Elmer Fudd into thinking it's rabbit season. But Daffy falls victim to his own scheme when Bugs keeps switching the signs to be different hunting seasons. One of the funniest shots in this cartoon is when Daffy is shot off-camera, picks up his beak and walks off to give Elmer some more "briefing".

- Ryan

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