Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Robin Hood Daffy" and "8 Ball Bunny" HD Captures

I decided to do one last post in this stupid year because I want to have 110 postings instead of 109. I like even numbers because I have O.C.D. So here are some more pointless Looney Tunes high-definition captures that none of you seem to care about. Crappy New Year.

"Robin Hood Daffy" Pictures

"8 Ball Bunny" Pictures

Thursday, December 29, 2011

FARToons 2011 Year in Review

There is no denying that 2011 was a totally shitty year. But let's look at some of the cartoon and video releases that FARToons has had this year. We've got some racist fish, some drunken meerkats, and yes, even some South Park.

"10 Years of FARToons"
February 2011 marked the tenth year of FARToons Productions. So I made this crappy little montage of all my crappy little cartoons from over the years. Note, there are three different versions of this video.

"The Wish Fish Family - Episode #7 - The Fish Family"
This was the first released cartoon of the year. Production began in December 2010 and ended in January 2011. I remember my nephew was being bored while I was in the middle of working on this. So I had to drop it and go to the hospital. I also remember what a pain in the ass it was to make the drunken characters wobble around.

"The Wish Fish Family - Episode #8 - Southern Fried Fish"
This is one of the best cartoons I've ever done, I'm sad to say. It is incredibly offensive but wasn't meant to be anti-African American. If anything its purpose was served in mocking the Ku Klux Klan. I did research and a lot of the rituals are totally legit. The Klan really is this fucked up.

"South Park Interactive"
I spent of a few of the later months in 2011 working on "South Park Interactive", an interactive Flash game. This is a commercial I did for it. I actually sent the game to Comedy Central and have never heard back from them. But I was contacted by a person interested in turning it into an iPhone app.

"Merely Meerkats - Pilot Episode - You Booze, You Lose"
Merely Meerkats was the biggest release of the year. Though I didn't completely finish the scripted version I posted it on YouTube anyway. You can tell when watching that the animation slowly improves as it goes along. That is because I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. Later on I figured out the animation style I was going with, which was crappy cut-out animation used with Flash tweens. It's not the most beautiful thing to look at I admit, but it is my biggest project to date. And just that I got it done (well, pretty much done) is an accomplishment I suppose.

Other "highlights" include some Looney Tunes montages I edited together in dedication of Chuck Jones and Wile E. Coyote. I also started this stupid blog in June 2011. A nice waste of time. But this concludes our 2011 year in review.

"Devil May Hare" and "Bill of Hare" HD Screen Captures

I have never been a huge fan of The Tasmanian Devil (aka - "Taz"). Probably because Robert McKimson is my least favorite Warner Bros. director. I don't like the way he drew the characters, especially Daffy. But it's not the cartoons that make me dislike Taz. His cartoons are pretty damn funny. It is how much Taz merchandise there is compared to the other characters that annoys me. The same goes for Tweety. But anyway, here are some high-definition screen captures of Bugs and Taz from "Devil May Hare" and "Bill of Hare".

"Devil May Hare" Pictures

"Bill of Hare" Pictures

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tiny Toon Adventures - Furrball

For some strange reason that is completely beyond me, my Tiny Toon Adventures post has worked its way up to the most popular. So for that reason, I am doing a post dedicated entirely to Furrball the Cat. You can also like Furrball's Facebook fan page. There are quite a few more pictures of him on there. I posted a ton of them already, so this better top my other Tiny Toons post.

Furrball Pictures