Friday, May 29, 2015

Randy and Mr. Lahey in Champaign, Illinois

I drove five hours to Champaign, Illinois to see John Dunsworth (Mr. Lahey) and Patrick Roach (Randy) again. They put on a live little "Lahey show" for a tightly packed crowd of obnoxious drunks at The HighDive. Luckily, I secured my spot right in front of the stage and got some good photos. It was a good time and I hope I get to see them again when they tour closer to home.

Some of my favorite moments were when Lahey flipped me off on stage because I gave him a thumbs up, slapping Randy's cheeseburger locker gut and giving Mr. Lahey a hug after the show.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen the show yet some of these photos might spoil the jokes. They work hard on their act and I do not want to give away any surprises. Proceed with caution.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tom Green on Tour!

Tom Green never went away. It has just gotten harder to find him since his days as MTV's biggest and still funniest star. The comedian has been a pioneer on the internet for years, exploring new methods of creating talk shows and showcasing his humor around the world. I recall his first live internet show from the early 2000's filmed in his own home along side his pet parrot Rex Murphy. The idea was revolutionary enough to bring back memories almost as fond as the times watching him on TV and the big screen. You had to be there and aware enough to see how the internet was changing. I never knew it would become such a scary thing, but Tom Green seems to have seen it coming all along and features technology as a reoccurring topic in his stand-up. The scariest part is everything he says about it is true. We are seeing stupidity at an alarmingly high rate these days. Unfortunately, we are all a part of it. Not just the really stupid people. Technology runs our lives. If that doesn't scare you then you do fall into the stupid user category.

We should all have a love/hate relationship with technology. If you are going to use it, use it wisely. For example, do NOT whip out your cell phone in the middle of Tom Green's stand up act. We all have the urge to start taking pictures when we encounter a celebrity. I am guilty of it in the right setting. But perhaps that is not even quite as ridiculous as texting on your phone during a show you paid to go see for entertainment. I have been with friends who whip out their phones at comedy clubs. It is rude and embarrassing. So when you take out your phone at a show be prepared to get a new asshole torn. Even if it is from someone as friendly as Tom Green.

The good news for all of you who don't abuse your phone power is Tom Green is currently touring, and being a long-time fan I was excited when he came to the Funnybone in St. Louis last night. I can honestly say it was the funniest stand up comedy show I have been to. He throws in just enough funny audience improv to make the whole show feel like the jokes weren't even written in advance. I held in my pee because I didn't want to miss what he was going to say next. My bladder eventually felt like it was going to explode so I caved in. Long story short, visit to see if he has a gig near you. If you get lucky maybe you will even bump into him using Periscope. I am not going to explain what that is. Use your precious internet Wikipedia technology to find out.

Subscribe to Tom Green's YouTube channel here!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Billy Joel at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri

I saw Billy Joel live again in Kansas City last night. Unfortunately, I again did not get his autograph because security at the Sprint Center likes to lie. I understand when they say they can't tell me certain information, but I am pretty sure it isn't their job to flat out lie to the customer. It is a music and sports arena. Not Best Buy. But either way, it was a good time.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Cleaning Up My Blog & Saving Sunnyvale!

I went through all my old posts this past week and removed the ones with missing video content (due to YouTube removing so many videos each year). That means most of my top ten lists are gone. That is okay though because they were all outdated anyway. I won't be posting anymore entries based fully around video unless they are my own videos. You can still look for things like news, screen captures, photos and celebrity autographs and encounters. That is mainly what my blog will focus on from now on. If there is anything else you would like to see here let me know.

The Trailer Park Boys need your help! Please me sure to sign this petition on saving tax credits for filmmakers in Nova Scotia, Canada. Otherwise, there may be no season ten of Trailer Park Boys to look forward to.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hare Jordan is Back!

It is very cool to see the "Hare Jordan" campaign returning after all these years. And though the animation and voices are not nearly as good as they were in the 90's, they still did a pretty decent job on the first ad. I am just stoked that it isn't CG for once. But for those of you hoping for a "Space Jam 2", I wouldn't get your hopes up. Michael is way too old to be up for that. Of course, they could replace him with someone else but that is something I wouldn't want to see. Especially since I haven't watched the NBA since like 1996. Nevertheless, congratulations to Michael Jordan and especially Bugs Bunny on their triumphant 30 year anniversary.