Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sebastian Bach Concert in St. Louis, Missouri

Sebastian Bach knows how to put on a show and is funny as hell. I have never been so wore out after a concert. There were two really great memorable moments for me.

I was standing in the front of the stage and Sebastian saw I was wearing a SWEARNET hoodie (he has a role in the movie and is friends with the Trailer Park Boys). He was pointing right at me and I didn't know why. Then I remembered I was wearing my SWEARNET hoodie and we gave each other a thumbs up.

Earlier there was a fight in the crowd and Sebastian stopped the music and yelled at them for fighting. He screamed, "We're here to have fun! Get the fuck out! Or I will come down there and be my own fucking body guard!" Then get got the whole crowd to cheer "GET THE FUCK OUT!!" It was awesome.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Trailer Park Boys: Season 8 Screen Captures

I just finished watching season eight of Trailer Park Boys for the second time. And I have to say the episodes were even funnier than the first viewing. Relive some of the best moments with these screen captures.